St. John of Raleigh

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Who We Are


St. John A.M.E. Church is in the Eastern District of the Western North Carolina Conference, in the Second Episcopal District of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.


The word African means that the church was organized by people of African descent and heritage. It does not mean that the church was founded in Africa, or that it was for persons of African descent only. The church’s roots are of the family of Methodist churches. Methodism provides an orderly system of rules and regulations and places emphasis on a plain and simple gospel. Episcopal refers to the form of government under which the church operates. It means that the church is governed by bishops. The chief executive and administrative officers of the African Methodist Episcopal denomination are the Bishops of the church.


The Mission of the AME Church is to minister to the social, spiritual, and physical development of all people.


God has called us to reach the masses with the message of hope, love, peace, forgiveness and restoration. We believe that we are our brother’s keeper and are responsible for the well being of each other. To the young, old, weak, strong sick and shut in to the well and shut out, they are our brothers and sisters and we are held accountable by God.


The ultimate purposes are:

    • to make available God’s biblical principles,
    • to spread Christ’s liberating gospel
    • to provide continual programs to enhance the social development of all people


The African Methodist Episcopal Church is a connectional organization. Each local church is a part of the larger connection:

The Bishops are the Chief Officers of the Connectional Organization

Presiding Elders are the Bishop's assistants:

  • Appointed to supervise the preachers in a Presiding Elder’s District


  • In full charge of the Church and is an ex-official member of all boards, organizations and clubs of that Church.

Board of Stewards:
  • Advisers to the pastor and the spiritual leadership of the church
  • Assists the pastor in all administrative capacities

Board of Trustees:
  • Manage all temporal concerns of the church

Information for New Members:

90 Days to Discipleship: 
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